Estate Planning Services


Estate Planning is about Empowerment, Under the law, immediately upon a person’s demise, all his/her hard-earned wealth will be frozen. This would mean that loved ones will not have a legal rights and/or be able to use the wealth (assets).

This could include the inability to transfer the houses which are registered in the deceased’s name, dispose off the deceased’s shares and worst of all, face difficulties in withdrawing monies from the bank accounts at a time when monies are needed most e.g. to pay for funeral expenses or recurring obligations such as mortgage payments to keep the roof over their heads.

Such difficulties will only aggravate the grief and pain suffered by your loved ones upon one’s passing.

Estate Planning empowers you with the right to plan and provide for your loved ones – allowing your intended beneficiaries to obtain their inheritance in the shortest possible time with the least inconvenience.


At White Group Asia, we work in association with RHB Trustees Berhad, to provide you with comprehensive yet affordable Estate Planning services all under one roof.