Takaful is an Arabic word that means “Guaranteeing each other”. It is a system of Islamic Insurance based on the principle of Ta’awun (mutual assistance) and Tabarru (Gift, Give away, donation) where the risk is shared collectively by the group voluntarily.

White Group Asia represents Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN) to bring Takaful Insurance to the masses, “Takaful For All. For Life”.

Although, many assume that Takaful Insurance is limited to those of the Muslim faith, this is not entirely accurate.

Non-muslims are welcomed to participate in Takaful Insurance as well.

The following are some of the plans available for protection against life’s uncertainties.

PRUlink series PruBSNcrisis cover PruBSNprotect
PruBSN Link Series is a pioneer invesment-linked Takaful protection plan. Whether you are graduating starting a family or planning for retirement you should have a sound financial plan to support your goal as well as to prepare for uncertainties Created on the platform of being a broad protection plan PruBNS Crisis Cover is a carefully designed plan that protects you and your loved ones against financial crisis if unfortunate events happen. Critical illnesses such as heart attack; cancer; coronary artery disease; stroke; kidney failure and chronic liver disease are some of the illnesses covered as well as loss of life and total permanent disability PruBSN Protect prepares you and your family for unexpected loss of life or disability. Through varying types of commitment you can have a plan specific to your lifetstyle and needs. This innovative plan takes into consideration life's every possibility by providing a viable financial solution to keep you and your family going
PruBSNhealth enrich PruBSNplatinum PruBSNemployee benefit
HealthEnrich is a regular contribution medical rider plan that reimburses major medical expenses incurred in the event of hospitalisation/surgery or outpatient treatment. It has four plans – HealthEnrich Vital; HealthEnrich Select; HealthEnrich Advanced and HealthEnrich Premier – each comes with a medical card to give you immediate access to any of our panel hospitals PruBSN Platinum is designed to make your work harder with the flexibility to adjust according to your life's shifting priorities and challenges through protection; savings; investments and annual cash payouts so you and your loved ones can experience life's extras PruBSN Employee Benefit is a single contribution yearly renewable group takaful plan. It is designed with four types of coverage – Employee Term Takaful (ETT); Employee PA (EPA); Employee Crisis Protector (ECP) and Employee Takaful Income (ETI) – that provides coverage in the event of loss of life; disablement; accidents and critical illness

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