Senior Insurance

PRUsenior medIt’s never too early to start thinking about health insurance for your later years.

PRUsenior med is specially designed for senior citizens as it provides medical coverage to address your concerns on those infrequent but financially crippling, large medical bills.

PRUsenior med is a regular premium level term medical plan. This policy offers insurance protection up to age 80 years old next birthday. It reimburses medical bills in the event of hospitalisation for surgeries and illnesses, subject to co-insurance of 10% or the affordable minimum co-insurance amount, whichever is higher.

PRUsenior med will ease your financial burden as it provides the following:

  • Hospital and surgical coverage
  • Affordable co-insurance amount
  • Policy is guaranteed renewable – up to 80 years old next birthday
  • Compassionate benefit RM5,000
  • Affordable level premiums
  • High entry age – up to age 70 years old next birthday
  • Outpatient kidney dialysis and cancer treatment

Cover begins immediately on acceptance, for hospitalisation caused by accidents, but only begins 30 days after acceptance for any other cause.

This plan is available to anyone between 45 and 70 years old (at age next birthday).

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