Investment & Unit Trusts



White Group Asia specialises in planning and executing investments which are secured against Creditors, which traditional investment instruments in the market cannot provide.

Typical investments may only be projected up to two (2) or three (3) years.

Our investments potential returns can be projected up to thirty (30) years, enabling a more effective financial planning tool for Education and Retirement purposes.

Unit Trusts

White Group Asia is associated with EastSpring Investment Berhad which has awarded as best Equity Fund Manager in FY 2016.

At White Group Asia, we can assist in Portfolio and Cash Management Solutions in Wholesale Funds and the usual Retail Funds.

A typical scenario would be;

In 2006, Client A invested RM20,000.00 when one of her Fixed Deposits matured.

By 2016, after ten (10) years, her investment has grown to RM75,000.00 Making a steady 14% return per year with the help of our Wealth Planner.

To find out which solution best suits you and your family or custom solutions, speak with one of our experienced team members today!