Haj/Umrah Plan

PruBSN UmmahlinkIn your quest for life fulfillment, plan ahead.

PruBSN UmmahLink  plan is designed for those who are looking for a plan that provides coverage for themselves and at the same time assist in fulfilling their religious obligations, which include but is not limited to performing the Haji/Umrah.

PruBSN UmmahLink takes you one step ahead in growing your savings whilst providing you with the necessary protection for your life plans. With PruBSN Ummahlink, you will get back your savings through cash payout every two years, enjoy life and financial protectin as well as have information at your fingertips that will take you a step closer towards life fulfillment.

PruBSN Ummahlink complements your Tabung Haji svings by providing you with a cash payout every two years through CashBuilder and the option to auto-transfer your cash payout to your Tabung Haji account.

To find out which solution best suits you and your family or custom solutions, speak with one of our experienced team members today!

The illustration below shows how PruBSN Ummahlink with CashBuilder rewards you in the long run.