Employee Benefits


Bringing affordable protection with ease of purchase at the work place.

PRUguard my family is an Employee Benefits Solution (EBS) which is offered to select companies or registererd organisation/societies.

Generally it can be said every responsible company gives employee benefits like clinical, dental and insurance. Most,  subscribe to General Insurance for protection and coverage of their staff.

However, General Insurance has some disadvantages.

  • Non-guaranteed renewal – every year need to re-apply
  • Insurer reserves the right to not renew the following year, especially in cases where claims have been made in the existing year which exceed the insurer’s expectation
  • Premiums increase annually
  • Protection is limited within the company/society; if the employee leaves or retires, the protection ceases


Life/Medical Insurance can be expensive, if you are paying for a family

Although companies give insurance as a benefit but employees generally, still purchase their own insurance with their own monthly salary, as a surety. Since protection ceases if the employee is terminated, leaves or retires.

The typical average cost of a life insurance with medical coverage for a young family starts at about RM150/month per person. If the family consists of five family members, the total monthly insurance cost is RM750/month.


PRUguard my family please?


PRUguard my family has been designed to provide an avenue for employers to help their employees reduce their monthly insurance costs without requiring the employer to incur any costs in doing so.

In essence, PRUguard my family is akin to a standard life insurance plan with medical coverage, the main distinction is that it is only available to the employees of select companies which are part of Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad ‘s (PAMB) Strategic Partner Alliance.

In general PRUguard my family is approximately 30%-50% cheaper.

If the family mentioned above is paying RM750/month, with PRUguard my family, for the similar coverage the family under the Strategic Partnership Alliance could be paying from as little as RM370/month.

To cover an entire family of five.

Highlights of PRUguard my family include:

  • its 30%-50% cheaper
  • its guaranteed renewable
  • its protection continues after retirement or having left company/society
  • it works on a level-premium, which means that the monthly premium remain the same as the first day you signed on for the lifetime of the plan
  • PRUguard my family is not restricted to the employee of the Strategic Partner Alliance company/society, the offer is extended to the employees’ immediate family as well

To find out which solution best suits you and your family or custom solutions, speak with one of our experienced team members today!