Critical Illness & Health

Here at White Group Asia there are several plans available to cover Critical Illness and Health backed by Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB).

It goes unsaid that everyone wants the best when considering acquiring a plan that will offer you and/or your family protection but did you know that that there is a range to choose from?

Choosing the best plan to match your current situation is the ideal solution.

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Other Critical Illness & Health plans include the following:

PRUvalue med PRUhealth PRUlady
The premiere medical plan that everyone should not be without A flexible solution for those who may already be covered by company or another plan A plan that protects uniquely female choices and health challenges
PRUcancer PRUsenior med PRUmcc
While we can’t stop cancer from happening there is no reason why we should allow it to stop us from continuing with our lives. With PRUcancer plan there is always hope after cancer With a unique high entry age PRUsenior med helps you address those large medical bills that you may face in your later years PRUmultiple crisis cover is a term plan that recognizes the need for enhanced protection and peace of mind. This plan not only covers you against death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), it also protects you against a wide range of critical illnesses and allows you to make MULTIPLE critical illness and cancer claims
Designed for your needs. PRUmy medical plus is a solution offered by our flagship product PRUwith you as its basic plan. Attached with critical illness, medical, accidental and payor riders it is a comprehensive insurance solution that will meet all your protection needs. With PRUsaver, this plan could also function as a savings plan for your retirement

To find out which solution best suits you and your family or custom solutions, speak with one of our experienced team members today!