PRUmy childYour hope for your child begins even before birth. Let PRUmy child protect this hope of yours, from the very beginning.

Even before he or she is born, hope is there – hope that he or she will always be happy, safe and healthy. This hope is precious and worth protecting from the start.

At White Group Asia, we can help you secure your hopes and dreams for your child through a comprehensive protection plan with PRUmy child as early as 18 weeks into pregnancy.

Aiming to give you peace of mind, the new Infant Care benefit under PRUmy child provides protection during the crucial prenatal, neonatal and post-natal periods.

Infant Care comes to you with options for Plan 1 or Plan 2, each providing different levels of unprecedented coverage for your child’s crucial prenatal, neonatal and post-natal periods.

To find out which solution best suits you and your family or custom solutions, speak with one of our experienced team members today!

Infant Care