Wealth Planner,… Agency Builder

“Close your windows,  Open a few doors…”


Here at White Group Asia, we are committed to forming mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals who are determined to excel in the financial planning industry.

White Group Asia aims to help everyone be a millionaire in their career, either through the path of a specialist Wealth Planner or Agency Builder.

Minimum requirements to ensure your success include:

  • Coachable, able and willing, with a strong entrepreneunial spirit
  • Possess minimum Diploma in any field of study
  • Two (2) years prior working experience in any industry is preferred
  • Possess own transport

With Prudential, your path towards success as a Prudential Wealth Planner is well charted and clear. Starting off with Personal Sales, you begin as a New Quality Agent. After undergoing various training and exams, and fulfilling certain production requirements, you will qualify as a certified Wealth Planner and from there you will gain valuable knowledge in the field and benefit from progressive personal development.


Your experiences will help instill leadership qualities that will prepare you for a role as a Manager. As you advance in your career, you will gradually scale the different levels of a Manager from Unit Manager 1 and 2 to Agency Manager and Senior Agency Manager levels, concentrating more on Agency Building where you will be managing Quality Agents. Eventually,you will reach the peak of your career as the head of a Premier Agency Leader Corporation where your focus will be dedicated on the corporatisation of your very own agency.

“Not sure if you have what it takes?”


Not to worry –  few ever do, but if you can spare some time for a chat over a cup of coffee, make an appointment with us today.

We look forward to meeting you to discuss closing that Window and opening a few doors to a journey of self realisation and financial independence.

All the while, doing something that benefits your clients directly.


“Make some extra money on the weekends”


Work part-time, and choose the hours that work for you. Provide customer service and generate sales through outgoing calls. Excellent communication skills and an aptitude for sales.

  • part-time basis
  • able to speak multi-lingual will be plus point
  • working hours: Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm or 2.00pm -5.00pm
  • remuneration based on successful take up rate with basics

It is not uncommon for a part timer who works once a week to earn RM3000.00

Make an appointment with us today!