• The people at White Group Asia have been invaluable in helping me plan where and how to make the most of my budget spent on protection for my family and myself.

    -Adele Chew (General Manager)
  • I was jaded years ago by the insurance industry when my son was admitted and I tried to make use of my medical coverage. The original agent who sold me the policy was nowhere to be found and in the end I paid for the hospital expenses myself. Ever since meeting with White Group Asia, their agents have restored my faith in the industry. Their people are reliable and always on hand when I need them most. I realise now that having an agent you can trust and rely on is priceless. That makes the most difference when deciding who to go with for my protection needs.

    -Ramesh Thangavelu (Technician)
  • The people at White Group are what makes a difference. After a bad experience from buying insurance from an organisation without an agent, I appreciate White Group's timely support and care. They go the extra mile...

    -Aishah Binti Salleh (Bank Executive)
  • I never appreciated insurance and for the longest time would shun them. Until I saw how my relative was wrecked with a mountain of medical bills when they fell tragically ill. I'm not proud of it, but I'm glad that I witnessed this early. Now, I sleep better at night safe in the knowledge that my savings is protected should I need medical care.

    -Mohamad Raslan (Executive)
  • No one ever told me that we could save for our children's education whilst providing protection against the unwanted medical costs in life until one of White Group's consultants took time to explain it to me. I'm so thankful that I met them early in life, now I can enjoy cheaper premiums because I got in early!

    -Jane Tan (Home-Maker)

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At White Group Asia, one of our core tenets is matching clients’ business and surety needs. Even in cases where clients have existing coverage we emphasise the importance of optimising clients’ expenditure to the coverage and potential future surety in the form of returns.

Have you reviewed your policies lately?

Statistics show that many do not practise annual reviews of their coverage.

In so doing, run the risk that yesterday’s plans are inadequate to cover today’s uncertainties. Our plans, like everything else in our lives, must evolve with us.

At White Group Asia, we are here to walk with you through our journey in life.

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